Trying out a new field

The farmer was in the farmyard this morning so I asked if I could have a go on some other fields, and he agreed that I could go anywhere on the farm except for fields in which there were ewes without lambs. These would be the pregnant ones that would be vulnerable to upset ahead of lambing. I therefore decided to try another of the fields directly off the farmyard and behind the main barn (hereafter referred to as Field 2) and headed there with the ADX 150.

The field was very wet and still showed evidence of almost-ploughed out ridge and furrow so there were a few hollows where surface water had accumulated. Being so close to the farm buildings there were a few signals that produced the inevitable rubbish such as the sort of foil that used to come from chocolate wrappers, nails and a horseshoe. The only actual find of the day was a George III 1807 penny in the usual grotty condition. Digging was a wet and muddy affair.

In the next field over there were 3 alpacas who came trotting over to the fence to see what I was doing. They were quite friendly, though rather supercilious looking in the way they tend to hold their heads up and look down their noses at you.

Finds: 1 George III penny


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