A cheque from George Osborne

George Osborne sent me a cheque yesterday. I tried not to get too excited, considering it was my own money he gave me back. Yep, it’s a substantial tax refund. Substantial enough, in fact, to allow me to upgrade my detector to exactly what I want – the XP Deus.

Since beginning metal detecting 18 months ago I have been using the XP ADX 150, an essentially simple, nay – idiot-proof, machine with no visual display and only two knobs. One is the sensitivity control and the other the on-off switch and discrimination control. Even I couldn’t be confused by that. The machine was recommended by Regton when I went into the shop as a raw beginner not really sure what I wanted or needed. This may surprise many people since if there are beginner’s machines par excellence, that everyone else seems to start on, it’s the Garrett Ace 150 and 250. Somehow I didn’t go down that route.

18 months down the line I’m vaguely dissatisfied. Despite putting in as much time on my permission as the weather has allowed, I have disappointingly little to show for the effort which amounts to well over 100 hours of detecting. Even more than that, I have attended club digs and found virtually nothing when other people with other machines have been finding actual finds.

And so the cheque from Georgy-Boy was only going to end up in one place – Regton’s bank account.

I took myself off to Regton today, whipped out the credit card and became the proud owner of an XP Deus minus, for the time being, the WS5 headphones for which there is a waiting list of about 4 weeks. I can somehow manage to detect for a month without headphones, can’t I? Course I can.

The coil and control unit are currently on charge. All I need now is some decent weather to go out and play.


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