First trip out with the Deus

I took the Deus down to my permission this morning to give it a bit of fresh air. Although I had detected Field 1 fairly thoroughly over the past 12 months I thought it worth seeing what the Deus made of the same area. Would it find all the goodies that the ADX 150 must have been missing? It seemed a good idea to have another good swing over the bottom third of the field, the area which 12 months ago produced a broken fibula, a broken Roman knife and a medival horse harness fitting.

I started off on Basic 1 and then tried the GMP programme. Three hours later, and I have nothing to show for the effort. The Deus has not found anything which the ADX 150 missed, and I’m frankly gobsmacked. I went back and forth across the bottom of the field parallel to the old hollow way. I tried a few random passes up and down from the hollow way to about a third of the way up the field and back again. Nowt. Bugger all. This can’t be right. Am I missing faint signals because I don’t have the headphones yet?

I retired in confusion.

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