Between the old roads again

I returned to the patch I detected two days ago and started from where I’d left off previously, crossing the field parallel to the fence as before. The weather was much better this time – at least there was no hail and at times it was warm enough to shed my fleece.

The return pass along the fence provided the first find of the day, a curious decorative lead item that looks like a stud and screw, the stud being an octofoil design with a round bead in the centre. As far as I can work out it’s a furniture fitting, probably of 18th century date.

After three hours detecting I had finished the semi-enclosed area and had reached the open field. With an hour still available to detect I decided to take a bit of a random wander around the field close to the line of the old road. That hour produced two thimbles, one missing its tip, and a small lead cylinder which might be a weight of some sort.

It’s still pretty pathetic for 4 hours detecting though, eh?

Finds: 1 decorative lead item, 2 thimbles and 1 lead cylinder.