Next purchase – a wetsuit

I’ve not been out for a couple of weeks because of a knee injury but I was disturbed to read a report in today’s Telegraph that the recent series of poor summers could run for a further 10 years.

The meteorolgists noticed a warming of the North Atlantic Ocean in recent years.

This “North Atlantic Oscillation” pushes the jet stream south. Usually the channel of winds, that move from west to east, is much further north of the UK. When it shifts south, like it did last summer and is currently doing, it means wet weather from the Atlantic is blown in over the country.

It caused a run of wet summers in the late 1950s and early 1960s and in the 1880s.

The Met Office do not know exactly what causes the pattern to repeat but predict it will last for another ten years. The current run of wet summers began in 2007 and usually the pattern lasts for ten to 20 years.

This is a depressing thought. Since I first started detecting in October 2011 I’ve seen one cold winter followed by the most miserable summer in a century followed by the coldest winter in 50 years and now another wet, grey miserable summer. I know one is supposed to dress appropriately for the outdoors, but a snorkel and fins would look bloody stupid in a field in Warwickshire.

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