New permission – 60 acres of pasture

I now have a new permission comprising 60 acres of pasture which has only been detected by a couple of chaps for one day earlier this year. I spoke to the landowner again this morning and although he had not been able to speak to his tenant he confirms I can detect as he does not believe the tenant will raise any objections at all. Indeed, the tenant has shown considerable interest in the history of the land in the past and should I meet him I’m just to explain the situation to him.

Online research does not identify any particularly interesting features on the land, nor any significant archaeological finds for several miles around. On the other hand the land lies on the edge of a settlement which is smaller than a village but larger than a hamlet, with a stream running through the middle and a footpath crossing it from one side to the other. The footpath shows up on the satellite images as a definite but shallow hollow way so it seems likely that it has been in use for at least several centuries.

As the forecast for the weekend is warm and dry I plan to put in a couple of sessions to see what turns up. It can’t possibly be less than I’m finding on my existing permission.

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