Aborted digging session

I went out for the first time in weeks this afternoon, to the newer of my two pasture permissions.

Having had some success in previous sessions detecting the far end of what I refer to as Field 1, which at its narrowest point, at the top end, is crossed by a footpath, my intention today was to cross the stream and detect along the footpath as it crossed the field on the other side, hereinafter “Field 2”. Field 2 proved to be rather squelchy after all the recent rain.

The first signal of the day looked promising, in the low 90s using GM Power at 12kz, but I quickly dug up what appeared to be either unraveled sisal baling twine (what we used to call when I was a kid “Charlie Tanner” for reasons which are a complete mystery to me) – or horsehair. Somewhat worryingly, the fibres were well anchored to something more than 10″ down. Rather than risk digging up the farmer’s kid’s pony, I gave up and filled the hole back in again. Well, you never know.

The second signal produced my only find of the day, a corroded cartwheel penny which has lost its surface on both sides and most of its detail. The outline of Britannia is visible, along with the remains of the lettering on both sides, but poor old Farmer George has disappeared completely. Still, it’s my first cartwheel penny so I’m not grumbling.

Signal three proved to be deeper than I was willing to dig so I gave up on that one too. The soil was very wet and I ended up making a bit of a mess digging the hole and then putting the spoil back.

Now, I don’t like making a mess as it seems disrespectful to the farmer, so I gave up on Field 2 and went to Field 3. This lies beyond Field 2, with the footpath still running through it, but it is further from the stream and on a slope so most of it is higher and drier. Interestingly, on Google’s satellite photographs the footpath shows up as a distinct hollow way, which suggests that it was in regular use over a considerable period of time.

Unfortunately at this point the coil decided to pack up. The Deus hasn’t been used for a few weeks and although the control unit and headphones had been switched off in the meantime the coil had been quietly flashing itself to oblivion. And I didn’t have the ADX 150 in the car as a back-up. So that was the end of that. Curses!

Finds: 1 cartwheel penny. The link above shows what it should look like.

131104 cartwheel penny

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