FLO night

I attended the meeting of RHDS this week to get back the finds I handed over in early October and to show the FLO the handful of items found since then that I thought might interest her.

Most of those earlier finds, ie the spectacle buckle, the piece of pottery and the various pistol shot, had been recorded on the PAS database though one or two had upon further consideration been deemed to be insignificant and therefore not recordable.

She also gave me back my farmer’s Roman grot which was grotty enough for her to be able to say only that it was probably 2nd century. I had hoped there might be more definite information for him about it but at least he now knows a little more about it than he did. When I next see him I’ll return the coin and give him copies of the PAS print outs of the recorded items found on his land.

None of the few items I showed the FLO this week was deemed to be recordable.

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