Another pewter spoon

I went back to Permission 1, hoping to return to the field that produced a few finds on my two recent visits. Unfortunately the farmer has moved the alpacas and rheas into it so I decided to try Field 2 which is where the animals were previously.

This is a field with shallow ridge and furrow that can be seen clearly on aerial shots and more dimly on the ground in slanting sunlight. I had a session on it several years ago when it produced a George III penny and a lot of iron junk and foil. Being behind the farm buildings and where the farmer stores his machinery, I imagine a lot of scrap has been chucked away here over the years.

A couple of hours detecting produced 1 pewter spoon handle, a complete vaseline bottle (including its decomposed contents) and the usual collection of scraps of lead and foil and a pair of enormous iron D-rings which look like the bit of a gate that the bolt goes through.

The spoon handle is rather nicely decorated in a style I think may be late 18th century or regency and has a maker’s name on the back which may be Manson or Mamson or similar.

And my tracking app gave up tracking half way through the session.



1 pewter spoon handle

150329 Finds


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