A disappointing afternoon’s detecting

Keen to continue detecting the footpath near where I found the hammy on Wednesday, I headed out again this afternoon. Last time I forgot my coffee. Today I forgot the detector. It dawned on me two miles down the road so I had to go back home and get it. Plonker.

I wanted to show the farmer the hammy but he wasn’t around so I showed it to his dad instead. Dad was astonished that so small an item could be found, but he also mentioned that the footpath shown on current maps was not the original one. Apparently it was diverted (legally) in the 1960s because the owners of the farm across the boundary didn’t want it going through their garden. Instead of it following the field boundary as it does now, it previously crossed the field at a diagonal. At least that saved me spending hours detecting a modern footpath.

In any event, it was a very disappointing afternoon. Four hours detecting turned up three enormous lumps of agricultural machinery, a copper ring, an iron ring, an iron horse harness buckle, part of a nylon headcollar with attached buckle, some wire and half a dozen pieces of foil. The only halfway decent find of the session was the spout part of an ale cask tap. I really need to get back onto the field where the rheas are at present and detect the areas around the productive areas previously detected.

I also need some new permissions.


1 ale cask tap (part)
1 modern buckle (bent, crappy)

150410 Finds

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