FLO night at the local club

It was FLO night at the local club last night. Along I tripped clutching my handful of finds. I seem to be getting better at this lark as the FLO accepted everything I took, ie the nummus, the flint blade, the Lizzie halfgroat, the bookclasp, the curtain ring, the corroded possibly-Roman coin and even one of the buttons.

She was slightly puzzled by the bookclasp as she noticed, as had I, that it had a hooked pin on the back which looked more like the hook behind which the sprung pin on a brooch is fastened. But then, it didn’t really look like a brooch either.

She agrees the corroded coin is probably Roman but doesn’t hold out much hope other than to log it as 3rd or 4th century, emperor unknown.

I was somewhat surprised she was interested in the button which she thought might be 17th century. I’d taken it along because although the front dome was very well cast the flat back was rough and unfinished and made it look hand made so I had a hunch it might be “something”.

She also agreed with my tentative identification of the nummus as Theodora based on the bust.

It may be the end of summer but it will be almost Christmas by the time I see this lot again.