How I detect

In the field I use various apps on my phone for the logging of finds. For each find I:

  • Take a GPS location to within a few metres.
  • Log the find on the Tect o Trak app with the location, a description and a photograph.

I also collect any non-metal items such as pottery or flint found in close proximity and note the presence of materials such as brick, plaster or glass which may provide some context.

At home I:

  • Transfer the GPS location data and find details to a spreadsheet.
  • Provide the GPS location data with any finds submitted to the Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) for recording.

Depending on the site and mood, a search may be structured (such as a “union jack” search) or a serendipitous wander. A “union jack” search involves a circuit of the perimeter of the field, then both diagonals from corner to corner and finally from the middle of each side of the field to the opposite site. This technique is particularly useful on a new field for a general overview of what might be there to be found.

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