ISIS/DAESH selling looted artefacts on Ebay

2,000-year-old artefacts looted from ancient sites in Iraq and Syria by ISIS are being sold on eBay as jihadis cash in on relics dating back millennia.

Jewellery, ceramics and coins plundered from museums within ISIS territory are known to pass between criminal gangs before turning up in Gulf States and later appearing on trading websites.

Two coins from Apamea, in western Syria, which date back to Ancient Greece have appeared on eBay with price tags of £57 and £90.

This comes after entire Roman mosaics were ripped up by a bulldozer from the ancient site.

The trade in antiquities is a profitable business for the terror group and is thought to be worth tens of millions of pounds, The Times reports.

As well as looting ancient artefacts, ISIS is known to levy a ‘tax on valuable and historical items found in its territory to ensure the group’s central administration benefits financially from raids on museums.

The number of artefacts flowing from the war zone is so great that their market price has actually fallen.

ISIS/DAESH selling looted artefacts on Ebay