2nd session on new permission

This afternoon I spent a few hours at the new 60 acre pasture permission, this being my second visit to the site. I’d planned to stay for about 4 hours but in the end gave up after two and a half hours.  The ground has been baked solid in last month’s heatwave, so digging is bloody hard work and reinstating the holes properly afterwards even more difficult, and I’m reluctant to dig unless I know I’m not going to leave a mess. Also, my knee is still giving me gyp a full two months after I injured it.

I also had a brief repeat of last session’s wild chattering from the Deus; I’d laid it down while I dug a hole and when I picked it up again it was chattering hysterically. In the past  month a number of other Deus users have reported this phenomenon and worked out that it is caused by interference from the Garret Pro-Pointer since upgrading the detector’s software to v3.0 in June. Once I’d rebooted the detector and ensured that the pro-pointer was kept well away from it, I had no further problems with the chattering.

After the session, while I was changing my footware at the car, the farmer arrived and stopped for a chat. He told me that he believed there had once been a row of cottages in the field across the stream, and that towards the top end of the land he had once found some WWII military stuff including buttons and dogtags. Both areas sound very promising.

Finds: 2 plain buttons, 1 small modern key and 1 cheap modern buckle made from thin metal.

130803a finds