Land wanted!

I am always on the lookout for more land to detect within 15 miles or so of Redditch in NE Worcestershire. I am a member of the National Council for Metal Detecting (with £10m of public liability insurance for detecting) and am happy to detect on either pasture or arable.

In respect of land on which I am permitted to detect I will:

  • Respect your property, crops and livestock.
  • Only detect where you say I can and won’t where you say I can’t.
  • Dig holes carefully, remove any rubbish and reinstate the holes neatly.
  • Agree with you what finds I can keep, what finds you want to see and what you are happy to have recorded under the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS).
  • Advise in respect of any treasure or potential treasure finds and liaise with the appropriate authorities.
  • Not bring any other detectorist onto the land without your express permission.

If you have land which may be available for detecting, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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